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9 Questions to Ask to Make Sure Your Internet Marketing Business Idea Is Right for You

9 Questions to Ask to Make Sure Your Internet Marketing Bsiness Idea Is Right for YouAre you too caught up in what other people think?  Are you forgetting to remember, and consider, your needs?  When you’re starting an online business, it’s easy to get carried away with market research, profitability, and your target audience.

The goal, after all, is to create a business that supports your financial goals and the internet marketer’s lifestyle.  However, if you set your needs aside and focus on the needs of others, you’re missing out.  Before you begin building your business, take a few minutes to determine if it’s really the right idea for you.

1.  Does This Idea Interest You?  Is this a topic that you’re interested to learn more about and excited to share with others?  If not, find a topic that you are interested in. Remember, you’re going to be working on your business every day.  It’s important to like what you do.Continue Reading

3 Steps to a Worthwhile Online Business Idea

3 steps to great business ideaIf you’ve decided to go into business for yourself and you’ve recognized that the Internet presents limitless opportunity then you probably have a million thoughts and ideas running through your head.

Maybe you’ve even downloaded and read my eBook, “Stop Chasing the Carrot,” and you’ve begun to brainstorm and plan for your future business.  Once the decision to start an internet marketing business has been made the excitement begins to overwhelm.  There are likely tons of ideas and questions coming at you and it can be difficult to sort through the noise and find the worthwhile ideas and the relevant and important questions.

There’s No Bad Question

Let’s first say that all the questions you have are important and many of the answers can be found here or in the same place I found my answers. (Check out my Resources page, for good information and guidance.)Continue Reading

Is Your Business Idea A Good One? Learn the Three Tiered Assessment Process

internet business ideaWait!  Before you launch your business, before you start investing more time, money, and energy into your business stop.  There are three vital steps to take to make sure your business idea is a good one.

What Is a “Good” Business Idea?

Let’s face it; people come up with good ideas every day.  However, when these ideas are put into action they often struggle or fail.  The reasons aren’t always simple.  A good business idea is an idea that has been well researched.  It’s an idea that provides clear benefit and value.  It’s an idea that enough people are interested in to make it profitable.  And it’s an idea that isn’t overly complicated or expensive – imagine if you had to spend millions of dollars and years to develop your idea.

The Three Tiers of EvaluationContinue Reading

A Quick, Informal, Approach To Verifying Your Internet Marketing Business Idea

how to start an internet marketing businessYou have a business idea that you think might be a great one.  Congratulations!  It’s an exciting feeling to be on the cusp of taking control over your financial future.  However, before you dive in and start investing your precious time, energy, and money please take some steps to ensure that your ideas is an idea that will help you reach your business goals.

An Informal Assessment

Before you start creating surveys and doing in depth market research, you can get a good idea for the viability of your business by asking the people close to you for their thoughts.  Now please don’t lay out your idea and simply ask your friends and family members if they think it’s a good idea.  You’ll end up with a bunch of opinions.  Opinions are good, information is better.Continue Reading

6 Questions to Ask Before Launching Your Internet Marketing Business

how to start an internet marketing businessIs your internet marketing business idea a good one?  It’s a question that every aspiring internet marketer should ask but unfortunately few do.  Sure, it may cross their mind for a few seconds.  But few take action to determine if their business idea is really a good one.

 Don’t be a Lazy Chicken!

I suspect the reason they don’t question their idea is that they’re afraid of the answer.  They’re a lazy chicken.  They know it’s not a good idea and they don’t want to hear it from others.  It’s understandable.  It’s also not very smart.  If you’re going to put your heart and soul, not to mention your time and money, into a business, shouldn’t it be a good idea?Continue Reading

3 Steps to Think Like an Internet Entrepreneur

how to start an internet marketing businessSo you want to be an Internet Entrepreneur.  Great!  Welcome to the club.  Many people aspire to become online marketers.  Unfortunately, they don’t have what it takes.  Entrepreneurs have a unique mindset.  They see opportunity, dig deep to find opportunity, and they devise ways to capitalize on it.

Internet Entrepreneurs are unique in that they also strive to create repeatable systems that reap big rewards.  What I mean is that they create systems that generate passive income – income that is earned 24/7.  There are no sales calls to make and no negotiations to battle through.  Your website and systems do the work for you, while you reap the rewards.  Essentially, your website and systems act as a 24/7 sales representative giving the perfect sales pitch, each and every time.

However, to get to this point it’s important to cultivate a few skills and to think like an Internet Entrepreneur.Continue Reading

How to Think Like an Internet Entrepreneur

How to Start an Internet Marketing BusinessEntrepreneurs look for opportunities. They seek opportunities to solve problems and provide value – and thus make money. They look for opportunities to differentiate their business from their competition – and thus make money. They also look for opportunities to improve their internal operations – and thus save time and money while increasing profits.

Are You An Opportunity Seeker?

To think like an opportunity, it’s important to become an opportunity seeker. The goal is to establish a mindset where you’re always looking for ways to improve your life and the lives of others.Continue Reading

Do You Have An Entrepreneurial Mindset?

entrepreneurChances are, if you’re reading this and thinking about becoming an internet marketer/websmith, you have at least the beginnings of an entrepreneurial mindset. At the heart of an entrepreneurial mindset is a desire to get more from your life, to play by your own rules instead of someone else’s rules. However, it’s also much more than that.

What Is An Entrepreneurial Mindset?

An entrepreneur seeks to find a need and fill it. They strive to add value to the lives of others by providing products, services, or specialized information. As you might expect, it takes a unique person to be an internet entrepreneur.

It takes someone who is willing to dig deep to discover and innovate ways to provide value to others. Entrepreneurs are creative problem solvers as well as skilled strategists and planners. An entrepreneurial mindset also requires passion, patience and perseverance. Finally, it also requires a willingness to accept risk.Continue Reading

The Websmith Secret To Powerful, and Profitable, Goal Setting

Secret To Powerful, and Profitable, Goal Setting There’s no doubt that a Websmith, a highly motivated internet marketer, has goals for their business. You may envision a future where you work from your home office, spend four hours a week on your business, and then spend the rest of your time living live and enjoying hobbies, friends, and family. There’s no doubt that’s a great life and it’s achievable.


Internet Marketing is changing lives, and lifestyles, all over the globe. However, that big goal you have for your life and your business may not be enough to get you where you want to be. There’s a knack, a secret if you will, to setting powerful and profitable goals.

Colossal Ideas Achieved with Small StepsContinue Reading

Winning Online the Websmith Way!

success winningHave you ever noticed that the word “smith” is often attached to specialty skills and knowledge? For example, a locksmith is someone who specializes in making, repairing and picking locks. A blacksmith is someone who specializes in forging and shaping iron. A “smith” is someone who works at something specific. There can be tinsmiths, gunsmiths and of course my favorite…Websmiths.

So What Exactly is a Websmith?

By definition a Websmith is someone who works specifically on the web. They’re an expert. They are an internet marketer with specialized skills. What kind of specialized skills, you ask…Continue Reading