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Aweber is the Autoresponder that I use!  It was recommended to me through numerous people, so I decided to give it a try, and I’m extremely glad that I did.  In my opninion, it’s the best autoresponder on the market. | Product Review

Blogging Platform:

WordPress is the #1 blogging platform in the world, and the one I use personally for all of my blogs.  It was recommended to me from nearly every author, friend, mentor, virtual assistant,  & even my consultant that I follow.  So I decided to try it, and I haven’t looked back.  It’s truly awesome!

Database Backup:

Dropbox is the cloud computing tool I use to store important files online so that I can access them from anywhere… It’s also another way for me to back up important files, just in case my computer were to crash.  You get 2Gb FREE when you sign up, but if you use this link you’ll receive an extra 500 Mb’s;-) | Product Review

Domain Name Registration:

Godaddy is the place that I have all of my domains, email, and hosting at.  I love Godaddy, because they are awesome at helping me set up & troubleshoot any of my domain name registration, email setup, and hosting needs.  I highly recommend them! | Product Review


Gmail is not only a FREE email account, but it is also an essential element in using all of the Google Business Solutions.  I don’t recommend that you use Gmail as your primary email account, but it is imperative to have, so that you have access to all of the Google Tools such as Google Adsense, Google Adwords, Google Analytics, Google Drive, Google Calendar,  etc…  Note: You only need one Gmail account to access all of the Google Tools!

Godaddy is the primary email host that I use for my email, and you get a free email account for each domain that you purchase.  In order to look professional, you always want to use an email address that matches your web domain.  (For example: | Product Review


Godaddy is the place that I have all of my domains, email, and hosting at.  I love Godaddy, because they are awesome at helping me set up & troubleshoot any of my domain registration, email setup, and hosting needs.  I highly recommend them! | Product Review

Keyword Research Tools:

Google Keyword Tool is a free tool that I use to conduct keyword research.  It’s an excellent resource to use that will tell you the supply & demand for each keyword, and how much each keyword is worth.  This comes in handy when you want to set up Google Adsense on your site to make a passive income through click throughs.

Monetization Tools:

Google Adsense is a perfect way to make a passive income on your website.  It’s definitely one of the first things you want to do to monetize your site as you are building it out.


Organization Tools:

Franklin Covey Planner is a must have to keep yourself organized while planning your business out & keeping track of the core four (i.e. Tasks, Notes, Calendar, & Appointments)!  I’ve used this system for years, and I honestly don’t know where I’d be if I didn’t have this organizational system in place.


Fiverr is an awesome site to get things done for as cheap as $5 dollars.  It’s also a great way for you to practice working with virtual assistants.  Give it a try, and get some experience with managing virtual assistants and various projects.

Recommended Reading:

e-Riches 2.0: Next-Generation Marketing Strategies for Making Millions Online by Scott Fox is an excellent follow up to his first book Internet RichesIn his second book he gives a really good insight on how to market your self online.  He gives great examples, and really make it easy for you to understand the internet marketing.  I highly recommend you read all 3 of his books!!!

(Note: He doesn’t have an audio version of this book!)

Internet Riches: The Simple Money-Making Secrets of Online Millionaires by Scott Fox, is the first book that I bought on how to make money online!  Scott does an excellent job of explaining how to build an internet business in layman’s terms.  I’ve refered to this build many times since I began my internet marketing business pursuits.  I also highly recommend that you download his audiobook as well.  I’ve listened to it 3 or 4 times while commuting back & forth to work.

Super Affiliate Handbook is an e-book written by Rosalind Gardner, that I’ve read mulitple times.  She has been a big inluence in my internet marketing business building efforts.  If you’re serious about making money through affiliate marketing, I  highly recommend you purchase this book, and read it immediately!  She truly is a pro at affiliate marketing!

The 4-Hour Workweek: Escape 9-5, Live Anywhere, and Join the New Rich (Expanded and Updated) [Hardcover] by Tim Ferris is the book that introduced me to the idea of outsourcing with virtual assistants, and I believe it is a definate read for any upcoming internet entrepreneur or small business owner!

The Renegade Network Marketer is the e-book & audiobook by Ann Sieg, that got me started in internet marketing.  This is by far the best investment I’ve ever made, and it ruly opened up my mind to the art of internet marketing.  I know it says network marketing, YUCK!, but I can assure you that all the lessons she teaches are based on internet marketing principles that can be applied to any industry.  I simply use her methodologies and apply them to my internet marketing business.  Without a doubt, these same principles can be applied to your business, regardless of what industry you’re in.  Ann Sieg is a true expert in both the internet marketing & network marketing fields & I give this system my highest recommendation!

(Bonus: You’ll also receive a free bonus 71 page e-book entitled The Attraction Marketer’s Manifesto which is packed with marketing tidbits on how to market yourself online… another great resource!)

Research Tools:

Alexa is the tool that I use to check my website ranking, traffic data, back link info, contact information, etc… I highly recommend you download the Alexa Toolbar and use it when researching keywords… Remember it’s always better to use a longtail keyword that has a least 2 competitors ranked above the 1 million page rank mark so that you can knock them off the first page of Google… This is awesome tool to determine that!

Survey Tools:

Survey Monkey is a great tool for you to use to survey your audience, and find out their needs, so you can develop content, products, or services to solve those needs.  It allows you to ask 10 questions for free, and then you’ll have to pay if you need to ask more questions than that, however, that should be plenty for you to get a good idea of what your audience wants.  Give it a try! 

Video Capturing Tools:

Camtasia is the video capture software program that I use, it also comes with Snag it with is a great screen capturing tool!  It’s a little pricy, but well worth the money for your internet marketing business.

Video Tutorial Learning Systems:

Internet Business Mastery Academy  This is the place that I learned pretty much everything I know needed to know about building a profitable internet business.  If you only have enough money to purchase one thing, this is it!  Jeremy & Jason (the creators) are the guys who taught me the majority of the things that I needed to know to build this site, and how to succeed online!  So Jeremy & Jason, if you’re reading this, THANK YOU! ;-) | Product Review

Web Browsers:

Safari is a web browser mainly for apple products, but it works with PC’s as well, I recommend you have a copy on your computer so you can browse your site in many different views.

Google Chrome is Google’s version of a web browser, and I have to admit, its helps when you’re working with all of Google tools to have this browser.  It seems to be the most popular browser these days.

Firefox is Mozilla’s version of a web browser, it has come in quite handy when I’m conducting keyword & market research for my websites, and it works with the Moz bar, which is a really helpful tool for conducting this research.

Internet Explorer is of course Microsoft’s web browser, and comes installed on your PC, I commonly use it for everyday surfing type of stuff, however, it is pretty limited when it comes to designing websites and stuff.  They’ve come along way, but still have a long way to go to catch up to the other big players in this space… in my opinion.

WordPress Themes:

Headway Themes is the theme that I used to create this site.  It is very unique to any other theme out there, because it is totally customizable with a built in visual editor.  I think of it as Dreamweaver for WordPressIt takes a bit to get used to, but once you do, it is amazing what you can accomplish with it!  If you want to use my affiliate link to purchase this software, use this promo code “HW33″, and you’ll get 33% off! | Product Review

WooThemes is the place that I bought my premiere WordPress theme called “Fresh News”, which is what I used to build my other site .  It is much more basic than Headway, but it is also a lot more easy to install & use than Headway.  It’s really up to you on which one you want to use, Fresh News is a little more basic and easy to use, and Headway is much more flexible & customizable but a little harder to figure out.


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