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Product Review for Godaddy as a Domain Name Registrar, Email Provider, & Web Host for Your Internet Marketing Business

GoDaddy ReviewWhy you should use Godaddy for domain registration, email provider & web host for your internet marketing business!

You may think that all web hosts are the same. As long as the price is right and your site is secure, it doesn’t matter who hosts your internet marketing business website, right?


The truth is that the majority of website domain registrars, hosts, and email services fail miserably at the one thing that’s so very important, especially beginner internet marketers, or as I like to call them, websmiths. What do they fail at?

Customer Service.

It seems like a simple enough concept; treat your customers well and they’ll stick around, refer others to you, and your business will grow. Yet I’ve found that in many cases this just doesn’t happen. When I was first starting out I decided to use Godaddy because their pricing and security reputation matched my needs, and to be honest, there aren’t many companies that can compete with the prices at Godaddy. I’m talking about both domain registration, which starts at around $9.99/year, and domain hosting is included in that $9.99 annual fee if you use their website builder.

If you don’t use their website builder, (which I would recommend that you don’t use it & either hire someone to design your site for you in WordPress, or learn how to build it yourself in WordPress) the hosting starts at around $4.99 a month for their economy package. All hosting accounts include good security to help protect your website and information, fast servers, website statistics, free email addresses, Google Webmaster Tools, 24/7 support, and they support a vast number of languages.

Easy to Use and Good Customer Service…

My experience with Godaddy couldn’t have been more positive. It’s true that they do try to upsell you when you call. They have many other features and services, so when you call to talk to a representative be prepared for a sales pitch. However, knowing this you can quickly bypass this by just being direct with the sales person and letting them know that you’re not interested in any new services, but that you need their help.

For the past three years, I’ve been using Godaddy to register all of my domain names, and to host both my email & websites, and I’ve been nothing but blown away by Godaddy’s products, services, and customer support!

They were the right choice for my internet marketing business, and they will be for your’s as well… I’m confident in it!

The technical support people that I have worked with have been extremely kind, knowledgeable, & helpful. They have not only helped me solve my technical issues, but they have also guided me through the right steps to take (Note: When I first started my internet marketing business, I was a complete beginner at building websites, and needed a lot of help!), they also helped me make the most of my money; by ensuring that I wasn’t paying for features and services that I didn’t need.

Check Godaddy out for yourself!

You may or may not like their advertising campaigns, and I can’t really blame you for that, but you will like the price and the customer service. Check out their 99% Uptime Guarantee and compare for yourself.

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