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What Type Of Internet Marketing Business Do You Want To Start?

What Type Of Internet Marketing Business Do You Want To Start? You might be asking yourself, what type of internet marketing business do I want to start?

There are a variety of different business models an aspiring internet marketers / websmiths may consider. They all have pros and cons. It can be challenging to decide which model is best for you and provides the most opportunity. Let’s take a quick look at the pros and cons of a few types of internet marketing business models, and then you can explore some options that may help you make the best decision for you.

Sell Advertising On Your Website Or Blog

This is a content based site. You choose a specialty topic, aka a niche, and create an abundance of attention grabbing content that attracts visitors. Other companies will pay to advertise on your site if their product or services are relevant and you have a lot of visitors, aka traffic. You can also participate in advertising programs like Google AdSense. Each time someone clicks on an ad on your site, you earn money.

The Pros…

This type of business is easy to run. You create content and track the traffic and ad sales. You can even create a wide variety of content from videos to written articles or blog posts. If you hire someone to create the content for you then you can focus on marketing your site and its content and driving more traffic to it. More traffic generally meets more profits. It’s easy to start this type of business, and fun to own if you are passionate about your topic.

The Cons…

You have to produce a consistent flow of content. Because content is the primary driver for traffic and ultimately your income, the majority of your resources will be devoted to creating this content.

Affiliate Marketing

An affiliate marketer earns profits based on their ability to promote the products or services of other companies. As with the advertising model, you create content that focuses on a specific niche. The content is designed to provide information and to promote relevant products or services. For example, if you had an affiliate site on the topic of computer tablets you might write a review of each tablet that’s on the market today. The reviews help people make a buying decision. You provide an affiliate link – a link to the company selling the tablet. When a visitor clicks on the link and buys the tablet, you earn a commission on the sale.

The Pros…

There are a number of top quality affiliate programs. They can pay anywhere from a few dollars to seventy five percent (or more) of the sale. And it’s not difficult to find quality programs in just about every niche. You can create video, audio, and written content to help inform and promote. While this is a content based site and content is the foundation of your success, you don’t have to provide as much content as an advertising site might require.

The Cons…

Some niches just don’t lend themselves well to affiliate marketing. It is possible that you could find a niche that doesn’t have any quality products or services. Additionally, your reputation as an information provider can be harmed if a company you promote is involved in a scandal.

There are other models to consider as well. They include information marketing or the selling of information on a specialized topic, selling products or becoming a service provider. If you’re looking for a fast way to get online and to start making money, consider affiliate marketing or the advertising business model. They’re easy and economical to start, and you can grow your business and add other business models later.

For example, you might be an affiliate marketer who eventually sells books and provides coaching on your specialty topic.

Consider your niche and how it might fit within the business models discussed. Can you get traffic quickly and start selling ads? Are there top quality affiliates in your niche? The answers to these questions may be the deciding factor.

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