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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Welcome to the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) page!

Here we will post the most frequently asked questions on why you should be using Websmith Marketing to help you build your internet marketing business!

What is a Websmith? If you think of a locksmith “a person who works on locks” or a wordsmith “someone who writes for a living”; you can figure out that a websmith is “someone who earns a living online”.

Why the name Websmith Marketing?  The name Websmith Marketing actually serves two purposes, the founder Tony Smith, wanted to use his last name to keep it in the family, and luckily for him, his last name was Smith (which through out history has been associated with hard working people such as blacksmiths, locksmiths, wordsmiths, or cartsmiths), so he thought why not incorporate that into the name, and kill two birds with one stone, and so Websmith Marketing was born!

Why was Websmith Marketing started?  Websmith Marketing was started, because the founder Tony “Web” Smith, suddenly found himself unemployed during the biggest recession in history in 2009.  Since he had the time, he decided to start looking into “How to Make Money Online”, and started reading every book he could find on the topic.  He asked himself, if I were to be able to do anything… What would it be?  Well he fell in love with internet marketing, and he also loved to teach, so why not “Teach People How to Make Money Online”, and the quest began, he continued to read, research, take classes, and even hired a consultant & a couple of virtual assistants to help him build this business, and well, if you’re reading this, it worked!

Why are you using Tony “Web” Smith, instead of Tony Smith?  Well the answer to this question is easy!  Have you ever Googled “Tony Smith”?  I encourage you to try it and see how many “Tony Smith’s” there are.  If you Google “Tony “Web” Smith”, I’m the only one that shows up!  So to keep myself unique to Google & to help you remember me, I chose to use “Tony “Web” Smith”.

Why should we listen to you?  Well for starters, the founder Tony “Web” Smith, has been consulting dermatologists, plastic surgeons, cosmetic surgeons, & medical spas in Beverly Hills & Hollywood, on how to market themselves online for 5 years!  He has developed a keen knowledge on the topic of internet marketing, and is determined to become an expert in this field.  This site, is his attempt to put into action, what he has been teaching his doctors for years.  He is still learning this process, and will let you know what he has learned, mistakes he’s made, and what he is trying to do to insure his success online.  He might not be an expert, but he certainly knows more than most, and he is willing to teach you how to succeed online, as long as your pay it forward and use his affilate links, support his social media efforts, refer a friend, leave a testimonial & sign up for his newsletter.

(Note: For a list of certifications that Tony “Web” Smith has received during his tenure as an internet marketing professional click here)

Why should I trust Tony “Web” Smith & Websmith Marketing?  Tony “Web” Smith has been in sales and marketing for over 15 years, and has developed an excellent skill set in consulting his accounts, assesing their needs, and offering strategic solutions to fit those needs.  He is an expert at explaing the features & benefits of his products & services, and as a result he has won multiple awards throughout his career.  This skill set, will play a huge role, in how he will access your situation, goals, and budget; and offer well thought out solutions that will fit your internet marketing business needs.  Please feel free to read the testimonials page, to make an informed decision from.

Do you have a guarantee that this will work? There are never any guarantees that this kind of stuff will work.  However, if you are willing to put the time, money, & effort into this, I feel confident, that you will have success online.  Tony has the mindset, that if this doesn’t work, that he will simply stop, assess want he can improve upon, and keep trying.  Eventually, it will work itself out, and he’ll start to benefit from all of his hard work.  I suggest you take this same attitude, and get to work!  You’ll only as limited, as you make yourself!!  The sky is the limit, especially in the internet marketing world!!!

How long will it take to start making money?  This truly depends on you!  I’ve heard stories of people making money on their first day, however, I am taking the slower approach, to build a solid foundation, that will bring in a steady & solid income for years to come.  It truly depends on how hard you work, how much money your willing to put into it, and of course what you build your site around.  I’ll go into more detail about this on the blog.

Why do you keep using 1st & 3rd party references throughout your writings?  I apologize for the lack on consistency on this, but I (Tony “Web” Smith), am a one man show.  However, I do have a team of people that surrounds me, and contributes to this site.  So when I refer to “us” or “we”, I am referencing my team, but the majority of the writing will be from myself.  So you’ll probably see a little bit of “me”, “I”, “we”, or “us” through out the writing.  I just wanted to explain this upfront so that it wasn’t confusing to people.  Please let me know if this is going to be a problem, if so, then I’ll try to keep it consistent for you;-)


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