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Welcome to our Testimonials Page!

Take the time to either listen, watch, or read the testimonials that our customers have left us.  If you’re an existing customer, and would like to leave us a testimonial on how we’ve helped you, please leave us a testimonial (don’t forget to leave your url), and we’ll give you a FREE backlink, just for sharing a few kind words about us.

After you read these testimonials, you might be wondering why I included testimonials from my last sales job?   The reason is simple, for the past 4 years,  I was responsible for coaching my doctors on how to market themselves online & offline.  Hence, this is how I got started in internet marketing!  I found through that job, that I had a real passion for internet marketing, and so my pursuit began!  Consulting my doctors on how to marketing themselves was my favorite part of my job, and I’m hoping that by showing you these testimonials, you’ll agree with me.  Not to mention, it certainly can’t hurt my credibility to have several of the world’s best dermatologists, plastic surgeons, and cosmetic surgeons in Beverly Hills & Hollywood  recommending me;-)


“Tony Smith at Websmith Marketing is extremely knowledgeable about the topic of internet markeing, and is extremely easy to work with.  He reviewed my site, and found that I had several areas of improvement, and presented them to me in a very easy to understand, and professional way.  He offered several solutions on how I could improve my sites rankings, increase traffic, and ulitmately bring in more customers to my photography business.  I would give him my highest recommendation!

Garry Eller

Garry Eller Photography


“Tony attended my class on how to use the Headway Theme in WordPress!  He immediately contributed to the class with his knowledge on internet marketing, and made a good impression on me.  Since the class ended, he has consulted with me on several occassions, on how I could market my business online, and get my site monetized.  I love his enthusiam for Internet Marketing, and I truly believe he will succeed at helping others succeed online.”

Adam Silver

Silver Lining Productions


“Tony has been our rep for 2 years. Throughout this time, he was an excellent spokesperson for his company. He has kept us well informed about new products and indications, provided us with literature and scientific materials, and worked closely with us on a variety of marketing efforts both online & off.  He is certainly one of the very few good ones.  Reliable, personable, and always upbeat – Tony is a pleasure to have in the office, and I feel that I could really count on him. I would recommend him with pleasure, and welcome anyone to contact my office with questions.”


Dr. Alexander Rivkin

Westside Aesthetics


“Tony was my rep for the last 2 years while he was at his last company, and during this time he had a huge impact on our bottom line!  He was responsible for consulting us on our marketing efforts, both online and off, and completely opened up our minds to conducting marketing events in our practice, and our marketing efforts online.  When we were creating our website, he gave us several good pointers on how to make it look, what keywords to optimize for, how to create backlinks, increase our traffic, set up a newsletter, and many more things.  He is a true marketing genius!  He is extremely passionate, knowleageable, & professional & I would highly recommend him to any small business that needs to market themselves online!”

Dr. Michelle Ware

Los Feliz Medspa


“It is with my highest confidence that I provide this recommendation for Tony Smith.  It was a pleasure to work with Tony while he was our Sales Consultant at (last company, for legal reasons I can’t display that here).  Tony consistently demonstrated a strong work ethic, and dedication to our success, both online & offline.  I would recommend him to any company looking to hire a passionate and driven sales representative in their field.  In our time working with him, Tony maintained an excellent relationship with my staff and myself, and he was attentive to our needs and concerns, and alwayrs acted with our best interests in mind.  He was also quick to resolve any issues we may have experienced and was more than willing to do whatever it took to keep my business up and running in regards to his product lines.  It was a wonderful experience to work with Tony, and I have no doubt that he willl lend an unparalleled expertise to any company that should have the priveledge to work with him.”

Bradley Friedman

GR8 Skin


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