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Product Review for Aweber as an Autoresponder

Is AWeber The Best Autoresponder on the Market for your Internet Marketing Business?

It’s no secret that I love AWeber. An associate recommended it to me, I took advantage of their $1 trial and I was hooked. However, I’ve yet to talk about the pros and cons of AWeber and why I believe it’s the autoresponder of choice for your email marketing efforts. It may not be the right tool for you. Compare the features, assess your needs, and find the best autoresponder for your internet marketing business needs.

What is an Autoresponder?

First things first – an autoresponder is a technology that allows you to schedule emails and newsletters to be sent out automatically in a pre-determined email marketing campaign. You can use them to create an email series, deliver an online course, announce a special promotion, provide valuable information, or to just say “hi.”

You’ve probably used an autoresponder without realizing it. If you’ve ever gone on vacation and set up a vacation email message to automatically let others know you were unavailable when they email you, then you’ve used an autoresponder.

AWeber is Much More than an Email Autoresponder!

AWeber takes the basic autoresponder and kicks it up several notches. You can use it to split test headlines and find what your audience responds to. You can use it to track clicks and profits, and you can use it to send segmented emails in various email marketing campaigns. For example, let’s say that you sent a promotional announcement to your subscribers. You can send a follow up message to the people who opened up your email but didn’t take action.

Additional Features and Benefits

AWeber is beautiful and incredibly easy to use. You can use one of their gorgeous templates or you can modify a template to fit your business style and needs. Or you can send a simple text message. It’s all up to you. Many people use AWeber to email their opt-in list and they make it easy because they have a simple sign up form wizard. You simply cut and paste the code into your blog or website and you’re ready to go.

You can share your emails on social media with the click of a button and you can instantly email blog posts as they’re published. No other auto-responder service I’ve found provides features like this.  As an internet marketer or websmith, this is huge!

So Is There a Downside?

AWeber isn’t the cheapest technology on the market. And as your internet marketing business email list grows, the cost will go up. The first month is just $1 and then it goes up to $19 a month. Once you reach more than 500 subscribers the price goes up incrementally. However, in my experience, and what the majority of internet marketing experts will agree on, is that your email list is worth thousands of dollars if you can market to them effectively.  With well thought out email marketing campaigns, and this trustworthy and highly featured technology…this monthly fee is not only worth it, it’s downright cheap.

Visit Aweber and check it out for yourself. They offer a money back guarantee so there’s nothing to lose.

I hope this product review on Aweber was helpful!

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