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Is Your Business Idea A Good One? Learn the Three Tiered Assessment Process

internet business ideaWait!  Before you launch your business, before you start investing more time, money, and energy into your business stop.  There are three vital steps to take to make sure your business idea is a good one.

What Is a “Good” Business Idea?

Let’s face it; people come up with good ideas every day.  However, when these ideas are put into action they often struggle or fail.  The reasons aren’t always simple.  A good business idea is an idea that has been well researched.  It’s an idea that provides clear benefit and value.  It’s an idea that enough people are interested in to make it profitable.  And it’s an idea that isn’t overly complicated or expensive – imagine if you had to spend millions of dollars and years to develop your idea.

The Three Tiers of Evaluation

There are three steps you can take to evaluate your business idea.  The first idea is simple. However, from that point, they become more involved.  Along the way, if you get any indication that your idea isn’t a good one, you can stop and go back to the drawing board.

I have just one request before you get started…

…if you decide that your idea isn’t a good one, please don’t give up.  You have a dream to start your own internet marketing business.  Be persistent!

Okay, back to those three tiers of assessment.

Step #1 – Ask Friends and Family

This is the easiest step but it may also be the most emotional.  Friends and family have a way of knowing what buttons to push.  The important thing to remember here is to listen and take only what you need from the interaction.  You will have naysayers.  Listen to their points, assess them for their validity, and use the information that is valuable to you.  Don’t let the negativity affect your confidence.

Step #2 – Ask Experts

There are an abundance of resources you can use to assess the value of your business idea.  Visit forums in your niche.  Attend webinars hosted by internet marketing experts.  Visit the Small Business Association website and read industry reports and periodicals.  And if you haven’t already, grab your copy of “Stop Chasing the Carrot,” which is full of valuable information to help you build the business you deserve.

Step #3  – Ask Your Customers

Finally, assuming you’ve made it through the two previous steps, it’s time to reach out and ask your potential customers what they think.  This is an essential step.  Use surveys, reach out to your audience, use squeeze pages and take the essential steps to learn if this business idea is the one that will help you build a new future.

Taking These Steps Can Be A Bit Of A Buzz Kill

You’re probably excited about your business idea and ready to surge ahead.  Trust me when I say that the right business idea is worth the legwork.  When you’ve reached your business goals and are living the lifestyle that you envision, you’ll be glad you took a little extra time to make sure your idea was a good one.


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