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GoToWebinar Product Review for Your Internet Marketing Business

gotowebinar review how to start an internet marketing businessAre you interested in hosting webinars for clients and potential clients for your business? If you are not sure about getting started, then you might need some help. GoToWebinar can assist you, when it comes to setting up and hosting a webinar.

What is a Webinar?

The name webinar comes from the two words “web” and “seminar.” It is a class or workshop that is conducted on the internet. Participants are made aware of the class and given a link to the login page. Once they sign up, they are given the access information for the class. You can listen to the webinar through your computer (via a microphone and speakers) or through the phone while accessing the class information on your computer.

In order to get a webinar set up, you need a host. That is where GoToWebinar comes in.

How does GoToWebinar Work?

GoToWebinar provides the hosting for you. Instead of traveling around the globe presenting your information to others, you can reach even more people across the world via the web and this hosting service. You can try the services here for free for 30 days.

Go to and schedule a webinar. When you fill in all the required fields, the service will automatically create your invitation and registration. Now, invite people to register for your webinar. Fill in the names of your email list and GoToWebinar will email them out for you along with the link for them to use to register. Once everyone is registered, they wait until the date of the event.

All that is left to do is to start your webinar. Choose how you would prefer attendees to interact with you. It can be done via the computer or telephone. Record your web seminars to be used later on. When opting for computer conferencing, you can turn on your webcam and also video conference with your audience. After the webinar, generate reports to evaluate the efficacy of your seminar.

What Does GoToWebinar Offer?

Try their services for free for 30 days. Webinars for up to 1,000 people can be hosted through the service. The purpose of GoToWebinar is to simplify the process of hosting a webinar that will hopefully grow your business.

Before you begin the webinar, learn how you can brand your products. Since the service generates your invitation and registration, add your brand logo and tagline to these materials before they are sent out to your email recipients. In case this is your first time or you just want the option, GoToWebinar offers free private practice sessions.

For your recipients, registration is easy. They will also receive email reminders in the days leading up to the scheduled workshop or class. During the class, you have several options for on screen conferencing: drawing tools, chat, full desktop sharing, video conferencing and one-click recording.

GoToWebinar works for small online businesses as well as bigger entities that want to conduct group moderated meetings with staff or clients.

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