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3 Steps to Think Like an Internet Entrepreneur

how to start an internet marketing businessSo you want to be an Internet Entrepreneur.  Great!  Welcome to the club.  Many people aspire to become online marketers.  Unfortunately, they don’t have what it takes.  Entrepreneurs have a unique mindset.  They see opportunity, dig deep to find opportunity, and they devise ways to capitalize on it.

Internet Entrepreneurs are unique in that they also strive to create repeatable systems that reap big rewards.  What I mean is that they create systems that generate passive income – income that is earned 24/7.  There are no sales calls to make and no negotiations to battle through.  Your website and systems do the work for you, while you reap the rewards.  Essentially, your website and systems act as a 24/7 sales representative giving the perfect sales pitch, each and every time.

However, to get to this point it’s important to cultivate a few skills and to think like an Internet Entrepreneur.

  • Step #1 – It Must Get You Out of Bed in the Morning!

Your business idea and niche absolutely must get your heart pounding.  It has to be exciting for you or you’ll struggle through the other mindset requirements.  Let’s face it; if you can’t muster some enthusiasm for your business then it’s going to be difficult for you to follow through on any of your plans.

  • Step #2 – You Must Have Confidence in Yourself and Your Idea

There will be naysayers around every corner.  People will tell you your business idea is horrible.  They’ll tell you you’re wasting your time and money.  They’ll tell you everything you don’t want to hear.  You must believe in yourself and your business idea to push past the negative talk.  How do you gain this confidence?  You seek the expert guidance of others who have paved the way for you.  You research your idea and you recognize your successes.  Small successes breed confidence.

  • Step #3 – Commitment and Follow Through Are Essential

Starting an online marketing business takes time.  It isn’t always easy but when you follow the right advice and guidance it is often well worth the time and energy.  See why passion and enthusiasm is so important?  Commitment comes from having a laser-like focus on what you want to accomplish and the wherewithal to see it through despite any obstacles, challenges or hurdles that get in your way.

Beyond the Big Three

These three steps are non-negotiable.  They’re essential for your success.  However, there are some other non-essential, but helpful, steps you can take to think like an Internet Entrepreneur

Become an Opportunistic Innovator.  Look for opportunities to add value to your business by solving problems for your audience and by creating powerful, profitable, systems.

Become A Thought Leader And Communicator. Many businesses are built on the connections an entrepreneur makes in their community.  Their personalities attract clients and prospects to them like honey bees to flowers.

Finally, Leverage Your Resources. Instead of creating everything from scratch and doing it all yourself, leverage your resources.  Leverage the skills and knowledge of others.  Leverage information, systems, and technologies.  You don’t have to reinvent the wheel!  Embrace the skills and information available to you and use it to start and grow your dream business.


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