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Camtasia Studio Product Review for Your Internet Marketing Business

camtasia review how to start an internet marketing businessCamtasia Studio is a screen capture tool and recording software that allows you to capture what you’re doing on a computer screen. Along with capturing video, Camtasia can also capture a recorded voice with the recording.

Why Use Camtasia?

Camtasia is often used to create sales videos. It can also be used to create training videos and to connect with your customers and prospects. You can demonstrate your product’s benefits; compare it to your competitor’s features and offer a special deal all from within the same video.

Intuitive and Powerful

Camtasia is an easy to use, intuitive and very powerful video creation program. Once you open Camtasia Studio, you’ll be presented with a range of choices. To start using Camtasia, you simply choose to either select a New Screen Recording. A screen recording does exactly that, it records what’s on the screen of your computer. To make a recording,

When you’re making a recording you have options for your microphone, your volume, your camera and your recording area. For example, if you’re making a screen recording you can choose which part of your screen gets recorded. You can record the entire screen or just a select a limited area.

Once you have established your parameters, the Camtasia Recorder will shrink to a smaller box in the lower right corner. Click “Record” to begin recording. Anytime during your recording, you can pause the recording. After your first recording is finished, it will automatically start to play back. If you want to save the video, click save. If you’re not satisfied and want to re-record, click delete and start over.

It’s that simple. And editing is simple too. You can add Audio Enhancements, Zoom-n-Pan, add shapes, arrows, boxes or circles with text in them. You can also use this to create subtitles.

You can transition from one clip to another, add captions and quizzes.

Once you’ve recorded and edited your video, the final step is to export your video in a way that’s useable for your audience. Camtasia offers a few different ways to export your video.

Camtasia is a vast program and it can take a few weeks to master. However, it is one of the most user friendly and intuitive programs on the market. It’s also one of the most affordable. Camtasia Studio starts at $299 for the PC and Camtasia for Mac screen recording and presentation starts at $99. You can also take some time to explore and learn Camtasia with their free trial offer.

If you’d like to use try their free trial, you can click here.

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