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Legal Zoom Product Review for Your Internet Marketing Business

legal zoom review how to start an internet marketing businessLegal documentation is required for many ventures in life. Whether you are starting a business or need help running your business, Legal Zoom can help. When dealing with personal and family matters as well as your estate and wills, Legal Zoom can help.

What is Legal Zoom?

Legal Zoom is an online legal document preparation service founded by several attorneys including Robert Shapiro. The purpose is to provide convenient access for all of your document needs without paying the high fees associated with actually visiting a lawyer’s office to have them drawn up. They provide services for business needs as well as family and personal needs.

Legal Zoom provides answers to confusing questions like: What is an LLC compared to an Inc.? Which do I need for my business? When it comes to starting your business, there are a lot of issues to consider. No one wants to find out after they have begun that they have missed a key legal issue. It could cost you thousands of dollars.

Can I Speak to a Lawyer if I need to?

Have all of your questions answered at Legal Zoom by an attorney. You can speak to them for business or personal reasons for a fraction of the cost of sitting in their office. For a monthly fee, gain access to a legal plan lawyer whenever you need it.

There are several benefits to using a Legal Zoom lawyer. You receive solid legal advice. Any lawyer you speak to is a member in good standing of their state bar association. There are no hourly fees to pay. One monthly fee covers all your questions. These lawyers can review documents (up to 10 pages) for you and provide their insight. Personalized legal advice is provided in 30-minute phone consultations. Choose the right attorney for your needs. It is easy with the online tool.

What Personal Issues Can they Help me with?

Legal Zoom employs attorneys that are well versed in a variety of personal matters that you might deal with. Divorce, prenuptial agreements, health care power of attorney, real estate matters, DWI/DUI and bankruptcy are just a few of the reasons you can employ their services.

Life gets messy sometimes and this online legal service can assist you with cleaning it up and get on with living. Most document services also come with additional attorney support should you need it throughout the process.

Where do I Start?

Visit Legal Zoom. Choose the section that applies to you: Starting your Business, Running a Business, Wills & Trusts or Personal & Family. Utilize the online tools and read the frequently asked questions. You can get started as a guest or sign in creating a username and password.

Note: When you get to the point where you decide to purchase, I recommend you purchase the Express Gold Package, and that you elect to get the expedited filing. I didn’t take this option, and it took the state FOREVER, to finalize all of the paperwork! This put me into a bind, and slowed me down, while I was setting up my internet marketing business. It’s worth the extra money!

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