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Winning Online the Websmith Way!

success winningHave you ever noticed that the word “smith” is often attached to specialty skills and knowledge? For example, a locksmith is someone who specializes in making, repairing and picking locks. A blacksmith is someone who specializes in forging and shaping iron. A “smith” is someone who works at something specific. There can be tinsmiths, gunsmiths and of course my favorite…Websmiths.

So What Exactly is a Websmith?

By definition a Websmith is someone who works specifically on the web. They’re an expert. They are an internet marketer with specialized skills. What kind of specialized skills, you ask…

The kind of skills that help you build a profitable internet marketing business, escape the rat race, and live the life of your dreams!

How a Websmith Wins

Winning the Websmith way means…

Identifying A Passion And Turning It Into A Profitable Internet Business

The best way to stay active, engaged, and excited about your business is to choose a topic that you’re passionate about. Temporary passion isn’t enough though. Ideally, you want a business idea that you can enjoy talking and writing about for years to come.

Creating Focused Goals

Focused goals are goals that are both visionary and measurable. That is to say they’re goals that support your ideal lifestyle and financial goals while also being goals that you can take action on. Your goal shouldn’t feel overwhelming. It should be exciting and get you up in the morning. And it should be something you can take action on each and every day.

Creating Systems That Support Your Success

A Websmith works smarter, not harder. They create systems that support their success. For example, you might use a project management system to communicate with contractors. This centralizes all of your projects and related communications. You might also use planning tools like a Franklin Covey Planner to prioritize your tasks and ensure that every step of a goal is taken and delivered on time.

Leveraging The Expertise Of Others

A Websmith knows their strengths and focuses on them, and hires other people to manage the rest. It doesn’t make any sense to spend your valuable resources trying to accomplish tasks that don’t support your strengths. For example, if you’re great at networking online then focus on that. If you have weak copywriting skills, hire someone who excels at copywriting to create your sales copy.

Testing, Tracking and Growing As You Learn

Finally, a Websmith knows that success is in the details. Track everything you do. Track the content that gets the most results, the tweets that generate the most traffic, and the systems that provide the most return on investment. This step gives you the power to make smarter decisions on how you focus your resources.

A Websmith also knows that Internet Marketing is an ever changing industry. Every day new tools and technologies become available. Market interest shifts and your audience’s needs change. It’s an exciting path you’re on! Being a Websmith is a rewarding and profitable endeavor.

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