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Why Should You Use WordPress to Create Your Internet Marketing Business Website?

wordpress Why WordPress?

Well, when it comes to creating a website for business or pleasure, options and convenience are two criteria that most people look for. They want to be able to maneuver around their site and customize it as they see fit without needing a programming degree to do it. If this is you, then WordPress is the right software for you.

What is WordPress?

Just about everyone has heard of WordPress, but they might not be aware of what it actually is or does. WordPress is web software that allows you to create a website and/or blog to suit your needs. It is an “open source” software platform, meaning that it is free for anyone to use.

WordPress has two options that are accessed from two different sites: and allows you to create a blogging platform hosted by WordPress. Your domain name contains “” as an extension. Create a free blog or mini website in minutes for free. You also have the option of upgrading to a paid yearly service that offers more storage, domain name options, video plugins and custom designs.

However, you are limited with the amount of options that you would have available to you, and you don’t truly own your site, you are at their mercy. Not to mention, your web address would look like this, which, in my opinion, doesn’t look very professional. So if you’re serious about starting your own internet marketing business or website in general, I’d recommend you self-host your WordPress site. allows you to create self-hosted websites and/or blogs using the WordPress downloaded software. All you need is a web host, like Godaddy, to begin the process.

Which WordPress do I Choose?

If you want to create a simple site, you have all you need in one place with There are few options for customization but the themes that you have to choose from can create a compelling site. Blogs created to share family news would benefit from the ease of setup and management here. is mainly used by those who want to create a business website with more options or a blog that they can customize in any way they see fit. The software is free but it does require web hosting. There are several reputable web hosting services available, and it’s no secret, that I use Godaddy, because they are reliable, extremely easy to use, and their customer service is excellent. With this option, you can create a domain name that doesn’t have the “” extension on the end. Whatever domain name you have purchased can be used as your website address (i.e. is my website address at http:\\

Next, download and install WordPress. When you opt for hosting with one of the WordPress partners, such as Godaddy, installation is as easy as clicking one or two buttons. The 5-minute installation is easy and you can use the guides on your web hosts website to become an expert in no time.

What Makes WordPress so Good?

WordPress is designed by hundreds of volunteers who want to offer you the best, for free. Besides that, WordPress offers thousands of plugins and themes. Premier themes, like Headway Themes, allow you to change the look of your site whenever you want to suit your needs.

Plugins are what allow you to automate a variety of functions with WordPress sites. New ones are being created every day and there is a directory available for you to browse and install the ones you need. In fact, they are a lot like the apps you can download for your smartphone.

WordPress offers many options for support so that you can talk with other users and troubleshoot problems. If you’d like to purchase a coaching course on how to use WordPress, there are several options available; however, they can get rather expensive. So I recommend that you sign up for for one month, watch the video tutorial on the latest version of WordPress, and simply unsubscribe when you’re done.

It’s quick, easy, and only costs $25 per month!

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