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The Secret To Internet Marketing Success – Building Your Support Network

Secret To Internet Marketing Success Support NetworkAs many internet marketers and business owners know, there’s a very real desire to go it alone. You are the boss, you make the decisions and therefore the work and the outcome depend on you. While this is a common approach, it’s not the smartest approach. It’s much wiser to build a support network so you can focus on your strengths while leveraging the strengths of others.


Support Network Ingredients

Friends and family supporting your dreams and goals is important. It’s vital that the people in your life understand and support your aspirations. However, that’s not the type of support we’re talking about here. We’re talking about:


Plan on doing it all yourself? That’s a smart idea if you’re a master at everything required to build a strong business. However, most folks aren’t experts at everything. There’s a common myth that says you need to strengthen your weaknesses. The truth is that when you do that, you end up with a bunch of average skills. What you really need to do is focus on your strengths and become exceptional at them. That’s what will drive your business and your success.

So what do you do with all of the other skills required? You find people who are strong in those areas, and you leverage their strengths and build your support network.

Education and Continued Learning

T. Harv Eker recommends spending 10% of your time and money on your education. This is important particularly in the early stages. Begin finding exceptional sources of information. Spend your time and resources educating yourself and building your strengths. You can sign up for a training program like the one found at the or look for coaching, mentoring, or a Mastermind Group.

Technology and Systems

Juggling everything that goes into building and growing an internet marketing business can be overwhelming. Find technologies and systems that support you in working productively and efficiently. For example, you might find that the Franklin Covey Planner helps you answer the question “Do I really need to get this done?” It helps you set priorities and schedule time to focus on building your business.

Start compiling a list of your resources and begin building your superior support network. When you have a solid team behind you, you’ve committed to continued education and you’ve begun creating systems, you’re on your way to becoming a proficient internet marketer that embraces the motto “work smarter, not harder.”

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