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RoboForm Product Review for Your Internet Marketing Business

roboform reviewCreating username and password for every site that you use online means keeping a list of numbers and letters in your head at all times. Instead of taking the chance of forgetting a crucial password or worse, using the same password for everything, you can make the process simpler with RoboForm.

What is RoboForm?

RoboForm is a secure password manager. The job of this program is to remember your login information (username and password), store it securely and then log you into your chosen websites with one click. Each time that you visit that site, RoboForm can be used to do the heavy lifting of entering the required information.

Why use RoboForm in the First Place?

Hackers and those who would wish you unwell on the internet are getting craftier each day. Phishing websites are one way that unscrupulous people try and gain your secure information and your money. By creating sites that mirror the actual secure site you want to access, unwittingly, many people offer up their passwords, account information and money without even knowing it.

RoboForm uses military-grade security AES 256 encryption to make sure that your passwords are protected at all times. Besides that, other security options can be implemented if you desire them. You are protected from phishing websites. RoboForm only shows your username and password when the correct web domain is displayed for a website.

This software appeals to anyone who does a lot of shopping or communication on the internet. Moms can securely access their favorite websites and make purchases. College students can access classroom sites as well as surf the net without worrying about being scammed. If two people share the same computer for access, they can each create a RoboForm profile and have it separately password protected. Online business owners have the option of saving password profiles for work and for personal use.

Are there Additional Ways RoboForm can Help Me?

RoboForm not only logs you in securely, but it also fills out web forms with ease. Once you create a profile with the necessary personal information, RoboForm can automatically populate these fields in forms for sweepstakes, contests, opt-in pages and shipping information. You can securely save your credit card information in this form and use it when checking out with a website’s shopping cart.

Passwords can be hard to create. RoboForm offers a password generator that creates hard to guess passwords meeting the criteria of a given website. This option offers another layer of security for login.

RoboForm Offers you Options

If you are still not certain that RoboForm is for you, try RoboForm Free 7. Fill out forms with one click, gain military grade encryption for your information and let the software remember the passwords for you. RoboForm Desktop 7 ($29.95 one-time fee) offers these features plus unlimited logins, multiple profiles and phone support. Choose RoboForm Everywhere 7 ($19.95 annually) to gain mobile support, automatic synchronization and the ability to install this amazing software on an unlimited number of devices. Right now, RoboForm Everywhere 7 is on sale for $9.95 for the first year.

Click Here… to be taken to my affiliate link. I’ve personally used this product, and love how easy it has made it to keep track of all of my passwords for my internet marketing business. For more tips, tools, and tutorials, on how to start an internet marketing business, be sure to visit our website at

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