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Product Review for Backblaze for Online Backup

BackBlaze Backup ReviewWhy Backblaze is the best choice for online backup for your internet marketing business!

How much of your life is tied up in your computer? The average person uses their computer for photos, games, email and other types information. They spend about an hour on their computer each day. However, internet marketers or websmiths, depend on their computers much more for their internet marketing business. They spend as much as eight or nine hours on their computers each day and store their livelihoods on their hard drives. While backing up your computer is important for the average Joe or Jane, it’s essential for an internet marketer or websmith, like yourself.

Backblaze – A cost effective online backup solution for your internet marketing business…

Backblaze is a quick and easy online backup service. You sign up, install the application, adjust your settings, and back up your information as frequently as you need. Backblaze backs up everything on your computer with three exceptions: your operating system, installed applications, and temporary files.

Backblaze Strengths:

Continuous Backups – One of the most important and useful features of Backblaze is the fact that it backs up your information continuously. When a file changes, Backblaze backs it up. You don’t have to remember to back up your computer. There’s nothing to export and it takes mere seconds.

You’re Always Connected and Backed Up!

Whenever you have a Wi-Fi connection or other connection to the Internet, Backblaze will back you up. It’s much easier, and faster, to backup online rather than the tedious process of backing up to a disc or to an external hard drive.

Security Concerns:

One of the reasons many people avoid this type of backup system is that they’re afraid their information will be accessed. That somehow they become more vulnerable when their data is transferred online. Backblaze encrypts your data on your computer, the data is sent over an encrypted connection and it’s stored encrypted. That’s a lot of encryption! One of the strong features of Backblaze is their customizability – you can set up your backups to happen however you desire. That customizability also includes adding security. Backblaze lets you up the ante, so to speak, by letting you set your own passphrase for another layer of privacy and security.

Almost Infinitely Customizable

In addition to being available for both Windows and Mac, you can use Backblaze for multiple household computers. And you can choose how your information is restored. You can also decide how to most efficiently utilize your data connection. Backblaze offers throttled backups so you can decide how quickly your data is backed up.

Backblaze is a good option if you want a hands free backup option that offers unlimited storage and continuous backups. However, if you need file sharing or mobile accessibility, you won’t find that here. If you’re looking for a cost effective online backup solution that ensures you never lose your livelihood, Backblaze is a premier solution for your internet marketing business.

I hope this product review on Backblaze was helpful!

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