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Product Review for the VA Classroom Internet Marketing Specialist Course

vaclassroom internet marketing specialist course reviewVA Classroom Internet Marketing Specialist Course is a course designed to teach individuals how to become experts in the field of Internet marketing. It’s aimed at teaching VA’s (Virtual Assistants) how to provide specialized and in demand services to online marketers and business owners. It teaches everything from Internet Marketing Research Tactics, to how to measure Internet Marketing data and how to use analytics.

Specialist Certification for Everyone

While the course is aimed at virtual assistants, it’s a course that provides tremendous value for anyone interested in learning how to become a skilled Internet marketer. Take a look at the course outline, which includes how to do market research, how to set up an effective email marketing campaign, keyword research, and how to use analytics, squeeze pages, search engine optimization, article marketing, competitor analysis, and affiliate marketing.Continue Reading

Product Review for The Internet Business Mastery Academy as a Coaching and Support Platform for Building an Internet Marketing Business

Why I recommend The Internet Business Mastery Academy as a one-stop shop for all your coaching, support, and training needs for your internet marketing business!

Internet marketers/websmiths need support. You need friends and family to support your dreams of starting and building a profitable internet marketing business. You need people to believe in your quest to live the internet marketer’s lifestyle. You need tools, technology, and professionals to help you learn, overcome challenges, innovate, and grow. Being a business owner online is a constant process of learning and growing.Continue Reading