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What is an Internet Marketing Business?

What is an Internet Marketing Business?What Is An Internet Marketing Business? Understanding The Different Business Models Available To You.

Interested in starting an internet marketing business, but not sure what that really means? It’s easy to get excited about the concept. So many people are earning a great primary or secondary income with their own online businesses. That extra money and freedom is tantalizing, and it should be. Internet marketing is a fantastic way to improve your life – it allows you to be your own boss, work when & where you want, for as much or as little time as you want, and earn more money; what’s not to like?

But what exactly is an internet marketing business and are they all the same? Let’s take a look at the different business models.

Business to Business or Business to Consumer?

The first question to ask is do you want to market to businesses or to consumers? If you’re marketing to consumers then you’re marketing to the general public. You’re providing information, products, or services to them to help solve a problem. For example, you might create an information site on how to be more grateful.

Business to business is, as you might suspect, providing information, products, or services to businesses. For example, you might provide an information site on how to compare point of sale software for retailers.

Okay, we just threw out a new word that you might not be familiar with; information site. So let’s talk about the different business models you might want to consider.

Information Site – An information business provides information on a niche topic. Generally, they make money from selling advertising. It may be a combination of pay per click advertising revenues, like the kind you might get publishing Google Ads. You can also create and sell information products like e-books, membership sites, online seminars, workshops, or DVDs.

Affiliate Site – An affiliate site is an information site that earns profits by promoting relevant products and services. An affiliate site generally has a niche. For example, coffee pots are a niche. Italian coffee pots are a narrower niche. As the owner of this affiliate business you would create content about Italian coffee pots. You’d link to various coffee pots and coffee pot related products that you have an affiliate relationship with. Each time someone clicks on a link and made a purchase, you earn a commission.

Both of these models are content sites. They rely on content to drive traffic and earn profits. They’re often the easiest to start and the easiest to profit from because they don’t require you to distribute a product or provide a service. Those are the other two types of internet marketing business models. You can become a service provider, for example a graphic artist or website designer. Or you can create an online store and sell products.

If you’re looking to start an internet marketing business, consider starting an information site first. You can then branch off to provide services like coaching, or sell products that are related to your business topic.

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