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Product Review for the VA Classroom Internet Marketing Specialist Course

vaclassroom internet marketing specialist course reviewVA Classroom Internet Marketing Specialist Course is a course designed to teach individuals how to become experts in the field of Internet marketing. It’s aimed at teaching VA’s (Virtual Assistants) how to provide specialized and in demand services to online marketers and business owners. It teaches everything from Internet Marketing Research Tactics, to how to measure Internet Marketing data and how to use analytics.

Specialist Certification for Everyone

While the course is aimed at virtual assistants, it’s a course that provides tremendous value for anyone interested in learning how to become a skilled Internet marketer. Take a look at the course outline, which includes how to do market research, how to set up an effective email marketing campaign, keyword research, and how to use analytics, squeeze pages, search engine optimization, article marketing, competitor analysis, and affiliate marketing.Continue Reading

Starting An Internet Marketing Business – How To Set Clear Goals

Internet Marketing Business GoalsOne of the most important steps you can take as an aspiring internet marketer is to learn the value of goal setting. If you’re like many, you hear the phrase “goal setting” and you roll your eyes. “Not another article on how to set goals,” you might think. And the answer is yes, this is another article on how to set goals.

But here’s the thing; there’s a huge difference between knowing how to set goals and actually setting goals you can take action on. When you set the right goals, taking action and achieving success are almost foolproof.

So the question is, how do you set clear goals? To answer the question we’re going to look at the two components that make up a clear goal, a goal you can take action on.Continue Reading

Dropbox Product Review for Cloud Storage

Dropbox Product Review for Cloud StorageDropbox is a free service that lets you securely save all of your important information to the cloud; including photos, videos and documents. Dropbox also saves automatically and across multiple devices. Which means you can save a file on Dropbox from your computer and access that identical file on your phone seconds later.

Dropbox also allows you to share your files with others, which makes it useful for business owners who are working with vendors or contractors and need to share and protect their information.

Dropbox FeaturesContinue Reading

Gathering Support for Your New Internet Marketing Venture

Support for Internet Marketing VentureStarting a business is a big deal. There will be goals to reach, deadlines to meet, and work to be done. Unless you have an abundance of free time you’re going to need support. There are many different types of support to gather before you begin. First, let’s take a look at the reason why support is so important.

What Is Support and Why Is It Important?Continue Reading

From Business Plan, To Action Plan How To Get Started as an Internet Marketer

From Business Plan, To Action Plan How To Get Started as an Internet Marketer 5 Steps to getting started as an Internet Marketer!

When you first conceive of the idea to start an internet business there’s a lot of work to be done. Much of that work involves planning. You’ll spend hours determining what you want your business to look like and what you need to do to make it happen. Many aspiring entrepreneurs are familiar with the concept of a business plan. It’s a formal, or informal, document that outlines what you’re doing, why you’re doing it, and how you’re going to get it done.

What many people are unfamiliar with is the ‘action plan.’ This is a document, or a spreadsheet, that outlines what needs to be done and when it’s due. Both documents are essential to help you stay on track to launch, grow your online business, and achieve your internet marketing goals and dreams.

What Is A Business Plan?Continue Reading

Product Review for The Internet Business Mastery Academy as a Coaching and Support Platform for Building an Internet Marketing Business

Why I recommend The Internet Business Mastery Academy as a one-stop shop for all your coaching, support, and training needs for your internet marketing business!

Internet marketers/websmiths need support. You need friends and family to support your dreams of starting and building a profitable internet marketing business. You need people to believe in your quest to live the internet marketer’s lifestyle. You need tools, technology, and professionals to help you learn, overcome challenges, innovate, and grow. Being a business owner online is a constant process of learning and growing.Continue Reading

Product Review for Headway Themes as a Premiere WordPress Theme for Your Internet Marketing Business

headway themes reviewWhy Headway Themes is the best Premiere WordPress Theme for your internet marketing business!

Headway Themes is your first choice in Premiere WordPress Themes…

One of the easiest ways to get started online is to build a WordPress site. Once the site is built it’s easy to add content, install and utilize plug-ins, and create a useful website that your clients will love. So the trick, then, at first, is getting your website up and running. This is where a Premiere WordPress Theme like Headway Themes becomes very handy.

What is a Premiere WordPress Theme?

A WordPress theme is essentially the framework for the appearance of your site. A particular theme will often come with a number of customizations. For example, you might be able to change the header, the columns, and the layout. You may be able to change the colors, the fonts, plug-ins, and widgets to change the look and feel of a particular theme.Continue Reading

Product Review for Backblaze for Online Backup

BackBlaze Backup ReviewWhy Backblaze is the best choice for online backup for your internet marketing business!

How much of your life is tied up in your computer? The average person uses their computer for photos, games, email and other types information. They spend about an hour on their computer each day. However, internet marketers or websmiths, depend on their computers much more for their internet marketing business. They spend as much as eight or nine hours on their computers each day and store their livelihoods on their hard drives. While backing up your computer is important for the average Joe or Jane, it’s essential for an internet marketer or websmith, like yourself.

Backblaze – A cost effective online backup solution for your internet marketing business…Continue Reading

Creating Your Action Plan and Online Business Timeline

Creating Your Action Plan And Online Business TimelineHow to create an action plan for your internet marketing business!

An action plan is a way to make sure your goals become reality. It’s easy to set goals. It’s not always so easy to see them through. There are often unexpected variables, surprising challenges, and a lack of time and resources. When you create an action plan you consider all of these variables and resources right up front. You can then create a realistic timeline to achieve the tasks and take the steps that help you accomplish your goals.

Creating Your Action PlanContinue Reading

Product Review for Aweber as an Autoresponder

Is AWeber The Best Autoresponder on the Market for your Internet Marketing Business?

It’s no secret that I love AWeber. An associate recommended it to me, I took advantage of their $1 trial and I was hooked. However, I’ve yet to talk about the pros and cons of AWeber and why I believe it’s the autoresponder of choice for your email marketing efforts. It may not be the right tool for you. Compare the features, assess your needs, and find the best autoresponder for your internet marketing business needs.

What is an Autoresponder?Continue Reading